About Us

The mission of Akademik Editör, which is a registered trademark by Akademik Yayın Co. Ltd., is to provide the best international quality service in fields needed by academicians, following ethical rules and laws. Within the framework of this mission, Akademik Editör collaborates with a team of experts who have a minimum of a master’s degree, mostly doctorate, which are internationally certified and are the best experts in their field.

Akademik Editör, which provides international quality service with domestic capital, visions to offer an international platform where academics can reach expert language editors within different fields. With the strength of its past, Akademik Editör views the future with confidence:

  • We have 10 years of experience.
  • We provided more than 4000 quality academic services.
  • We provided translation services exceeding 1,000,000+ words.
  • We provided language check services exceeding 2,000,000+ words.
  • We provided quality editorial services to 1.000+ theses.
  • We provided editorial services for 2.000+ articles.
  • We have a strong staff with expertise in different fields.
  • Our customer satisfaction is over 98%.
  • We have made innovations in this field and are developing further innovatively.
  • We provide services to different countries worldwide through various platforms.
  • We are a professional company that provides services following ethical rules and guidelines.
  • We provided services to almost every university across Turkey.

We will also be delighted to serve you.